Here you'll find a complete guide to seamlessly implement, optimize and troubleshoot your use of Revive™ API

What is insoundz?

At insoundz, we're revolutionizing the way you perceive sound. Our cutting-edge Generative AI Audio Enhancement solutions are here to make your audio studio-perfect, focusing on the sounds you want while removing the rest.

Revive™ Platform API Integration

Revive™ uses AI to enhance speech from any recording, minimizing noise as if recorded up close. Our patented solution works on real-time or pre-recorded audio, using generative AI processing for studio-quality sound. Our API integration lets your platform tap into Revive's algorithms seamlessly. By integrating Revive™, users can enhance their audio effortlessly.

Start Enhancing

To start enhancing, you'll first need to get your Client ID & Secret, and use them to retrieve your JWT Token, which you'll then use to authenticate yourself. Once you have your authentication token, send a request to start an Enhancement session, upload your file, and let the magic happen.


Any Questions?

We're here to help. Reach out to our support team via [email protected].